S-Class Cards

Collect PrompTale’s first NFT collection, 'S-Class Card,' and earn TP.


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Designed by Moonlin, SuperNormal

The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine

The world is in the era of rebirth!
Will you become a king? Or lead a simple life?
Get the cards to challenge the legendary SSR Tier.

"The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine" is a webtoon adaptation by ‘Grrr’, based on the novel by ‘Irinbi’.
The "The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine" NFT is a collaboration between ‘SuperNormal’ and artists ‘Moonrin’, making it HYPERCOMIC’s first original NFT collaboration.
This work is protected by copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of its content is prohibited.

Points paid by tier

  • SSR
  • UR
  • R
  • N
  • * TP is awarded based on the grade of the minted card.
  • * Minting 3 UR cards or higher will reward you with a one-time bonus of 500 TP points.
  • (Note that this bonus does not apply to cards purchased from others.)
  • * Regardless of the tier, owning 10 S-Class NFTs grants mining boost as 1 POA NFT on the HYCO APP till Aug 19.
  • * Note that having both 10 S-Class NFTs and a P.O.A NFT will not double the mining boost.

Card Pack Type

  • Content of Pack

    2 Cards per 1 Pack

  • Mint Price

    0.0003 ETH (1.1$)

  • Mint Amount

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S-Class Cards cumulative TP 0