The First Decentralized AI Engine on

Monetize your creativity

Experience the proprietary content production specialized LLM- based AI engine. We believe the most personal tales are the the most creative. Share your tales with the world. PrompTale brings your dreams and imagination to life. Craft a one-of-a-kind story that's uniquely yours and turn it into a profitable venture.


Participate in the campaign announcing the start of PrompTale and be a part of building the uncharted world we envision, contributing to the ecosystem of creation and rewards.


Meet HYPERCOMIC's partners!
Join their ecosystem, complete missions, and earn points.


Collect all the moments of HYPERCOMIC in one place!
HYPERCOMIC's journey with zkSync is here with you.


Stake $HYCO to earn even more TP.
Join our economy as it strives to reach greater heights.

PromptTale AI

Train the AI Engine with your prompts to revolutionize content
building and receive incentives.

S-Class Cards

Experience PrompTale's first NFT collection!
Join this historic moment with PrompTale's inaugural collection!

Tale Points

Tale Points (TP) are the points you can earn in the campaign. Complete missions to earn TP!
$TALE will be distributed based on the TP you've earned.
Share the news with your friends and earn TP.